All the latest fan theories… who killed Alex?

Hollington Drive continued last night (October 13) and the penultimate episode of the ITV whodunit had fans on the edge of their seats.

With the finale next week set to reveal who really killed Alex Boyd, fans have come up with some intriguing theories.

So who is the killer? Read on to find out what the fans think.

Sisters Helen and Theresa have both broken the law to protect their children (Credit: ITV1)

Hollington Drive on ITV: Is Ben the killer?

During the first couple of episodes we were led down a path of believing that Theresa and Helen’s kids – Ben and Eva – were responsible for the murder.

And while Theresa lied through her teeth to the police to protect her son, she wasn’t sure he was telling the truth.

However, at the end of the episode two things changed.

Despite Ben and Eva telling their version of events to the police, it seems they’re off the hook.

But are they? One viewer doesn’t think so.

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In fact they have an intriguing theory.

“According to my mate,” the viewer said, “Ben did kill Alex, but the headteacher’s husband is in fact his dad and the DNA proves this and he then covers for [the] kid in an act of guilt #HollingtonDrive.”

Is David gay?

In last night’s episode of Hollington Drive on ITV, Helen’s husband David was acting very strangely.

He invited Eddie over for drinks and a tour of his model village he spent eight months making in his garage.

You got the sense that he was deeply unhappy and that he and Helen’s marriage wasn’t going too well.

Eddie and David Hollington Drive
What is David up to? (Credit: ITV)

In fact, David inviting Eddie over while Helen was out caused viewers to be convinced that he has been hiding the fact he’s gay.

One viewer asked: “What is the husband doing? Killing or wanting to have sex with him #HollingtonDrive.”

Another said: “So Helen’s husband is gay because he got dressed up to meet that guy and doesn’t seem that bothered about his wife cheating on him but is jealous as he hasn’t got anyone to cheat with.”

Hollington Drive on ITV: Helen is the culprit because Alex was bullying her daughter

Throughout the whole story, the headteacher has been manipulating her younger sister Theresa.

She’s hidden evidence at school that will get her daughter Eva off the hook and shifted the blame onto Ben at every opportunity.

Oh, and she’s also been having an affair with Alex’s dad, Gareth.

Nasty piece of work or just a domineering older sister?

Helen in Hollington Drive on ITV
Is Helen up to no good? (Credit: ITV)

Some viewers think the former.

One said: “Not sure what to make of #hollingtondrive but I’m beginning to think Helen is the killer of Alex.”

Another expanded on the theory and said: “Helen done it… you heard it here first #hollingtondrive for bullying her daughter.

“If not Helen then I have absolutely no idea for the first time ever.”

Could it actually be Theresa?

With Alex’s dad Gareth also in the frame, some viewers’ attention switched to Theresa.

The main character in the piece, she’s had a traumatic decade or so, and her edginess is for all to see.

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But what if that edginess is because she’s done something terrible herself? It’d be quite the twist.

One viewer seems to think Theresa isn’t all she seems.

“Theresa needs to stop defending Ben. It’s really annoying.

“She’s got a clear guilty conscience #HollingtonDrive.”

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