Who’s taking part and what’s it about?

My First Threesome airs on Channel 4 tonight (October 13) and has been branded one of the channel’s raciest ever shows.

The one-off documentary follows four different people (including a couple) who want to experience the thing that’s at the top of many people’s list of sexual fantasies.

So who are they and what are they looking for?

Four different people take part in My First Threesome (Credit: Channel 4)

My First Threesome on Channel 4: Katie

Receptionist Katie, 24, is no stranger to sex clubs, but she’s yet to experience a threesome.

She says she’s “ready to let loose” after lockdown and thinks a threesome will be a “wild experience”.

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So what is she looking for? She’d like to experience sex with another woman.

Daisy and Mart

Young couple Daisy and Mart think that having a threesome will spice up their sex life.

Daisy says she’s bisexual but has never had sex with another woman, so this is the perfect opportunity.

She’s always been monogamous in relationships but wants to try expanding her horizons.

However, both she and Mart have some strict guidelines and are nervous about how the experience will change their relationship.

My First Threesome on Channel 4
My First Threesome explores the sexual fantasy on Channel 4 tonight (Credit: Pexels/stock image)

My First Threesome on Channel 4: Keira

Keira, 26, identifies as “queer pansexual” so she’s open to a number of combinations.

The podcast host is ready to tick a threesome off her sexual bucket list, but she’s adamant about one thing: she wants to be “top bitch” in any scenario.

To explore the new experience, she hits up sex-positive friends and asks them to be involved.

But will she get what she wants?

My First Threesome on Channel 4
Some of the people featured use dating apps to arrange their threesomes (Credit: Pexels/stock picture)


Next on My First Threesome is Jamie.

A gay man who has just moved from Leeds to London, he’s slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of opportunities available in the capital.

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He describes himself as “not sexually liberated at all” and quite “vanilla” and wants to be more adventurous in his sex life.

And he also wants to have sex with a woman for the first time, too, and uses hook-up apps to help find willing partners.

My First Threesome airs tonight (October 13) at 10pm on Channel 4.

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