Emmerdale fans furious at Cathy Hope’s punishment for trolling April Windsor

Emmerdale viewers have reacted with fury over Cathy Hope’s punishment for trolling April Windsor.

Bully Cathy has led a campaign of terror over poor April for months.

Cathy Hope’s punishment for bullying April has disgusted Emmerdale fans (Credit: ITV)

She trolled her online, led a group of bullies into tormenting her using her late mum Donna to cause maximum pain – and even posted her phone number online.

But April was left terrified of her own shadow by the bullying.

However this week Cathy confessed to being responsible.

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She first claimed she did it accidentally – by saying one thing and then it spiralled out of control.

Insisting she had no control over the other trolls, Cathy doubled down on it not being her fault.

But after she was exposed to her parents Cathy raged that she was jealous of April.

Dragged in by the police Cathy ranted about how April got all the attention because her mum Donna died.

She said that her mum died too – though she was a baby – and she deserved attention and sympathy too.

The sick rant left Bob reeling – and he tried to take the blame for what his daughter did to his granddaughter.

However the police issued Cathy with a caution.

Last night Bob tried to smooth things over with Marlon – but it backfired when he discovered the caution was the extent of Cathy’s punishment.

“Bob have you got any idea what April’s been through?” raged Marlon.

“So Cathy just gets away with it?”

emmerdale april windsor
April is terrified of what Cathy will do to her (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Cathy Hope’s punishment splits the family apart

Bob replied: “If it makes any difference Cathy’s been given a caution. I’m not making any excuses for her but Donna was their sister.

“They loved her Marlon and they never got the chance to grieve.”

“Brenda’s furious about what it’s done to Cathy,” he added.

However Marlon raged at Bob for letting Cathy off easy (Credit: ITV)

“Just Cathy?” Marlon raged.

“So this is your pathetic attempt at sorting things out, is it? You take the blame, Rhona gets charged, that’s it?

“Those horrible nasty vile messages they could have cost my daughter so much I can’t go even go there. You’re not going near April. You stay away from my family, I mean it.”

Viewers cheered Marlon on – but were furious at Cathy not being punished.

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One said: “This is so beyond disgusting. Cathy put her through hell for months and she’s what? Getting away with it?”

However a second said: “Ohh yes.. let’s all feel sorry for poor Cathy. She’s a monster!! No excuse for bullying.. EVER!! #Emmerdale”

A third said: “Instead of punishing her for what she’s done, they’re making excuses for Cathy’s awful behaviour AND letting her get away with it #emmerdale”

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